The One

I rarely ever picked roses,
brave a thorn
to show my love,
but there was one
I remember picking
on a cold February day,
in the front planter,
at The Hawks Prairie Inn;

I always looked
upon her confidently,
at a distance that was safe.
The uncomfortable close spaces
between us, remained hollow
only filled with imagination.

She was talking with friends
in the big field at lunch.
They looked toward me
sporadically, in moments passing.
She and them giggled together,
she started approaching me
confident, with an irresistible smile.
I, remained poised, yet nervous…
She started flirting
with light conversations
gradually turning seductive.
Honey flowed from her gloss lips;
Her: “can you quote a poem you wrote,
I hear you paint,
what do you like painting”
Me: “I mostly paint animals”
Her: “Have you ever painted people”
Me: “uh, umm, well”
Her: “Nudes (coy, velvet tone)
could I pose for you,
what mediums do you use,
do you finger paint…”

Evergreen trees towering
all around as we stood
talking vague ear-shots
from other students.
I was shaking inside,
my face bursting a warm red.
She was insanely beautiful,
practicing dreamy stares,
while tying invisible
strings to everything inside me

I was 18, still virgin;
Boyish innocence bleeding
through dark adolescence
like charred roses
with bright scarlet pedals
just beneath the pitch
of the burnt ones….


2 responses

  1. Reno, oh goodness. Is this the beginning of your blog, right here? If so, I am just in awe. To think that maybe you had to find a place to put the things you were leaving on EDP Facebook.

    Well, I’m glad you made such a place. It’s beautiful, scarlet pedals and all. 🙂

    • LL, EDP has worked as a catalyst awakening an old voice! Jennifer Lee from GDWJ had asked me in a FB post if I had a blog set up. The light went on with me; if I was going to write, I need to blog, share, expose, learn with professional writers that share the same obsession and love for verse. There are many male writers, yet, the male poet, has a rare brain physiology that perhaps 5% of the male population has. Males that can articulate feelings and emotions lol!! It has always been a strange and perhaps lonesome plight to have deep hungers for articulating everything ever thought of perfectly with word. I understand what a unique gift it is to be concerned with such beautiful things as language and expression, and suiting it all with word. I love the quote about poets being obsessed with describing the color of the wind. Some poems shared on Facebook EDP are old and were waiting to be revisited. Others are fresh creations inspired by the photo prompts shared. I am grateful for your page and the Renaissance it has re awakened within me. — I seem to learn better from playing and experiencing others at work more so than formal study, I have been revisiting old poems with new poetic insights, revising them, and posting. I hope I am able to sophisticate my poetic voice well enough to say all that is in me. I am grateful for the fellowship, encouragement, along the way. I truly hope I can add authentic and valuable quality to EDP FB without being a professional writer. Thanks so much LL for being an encouraging soul that I can learn from and be encouraged by along the way. Blessings.

      P.S. I am new at blogging – As I learn appropriate ways to participate in this forum, I would be glad to show all my gratitude to EDP FB & TS Tweetspeak for inspiring me back to penning verse.

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