A Kids World

(Valentine to my children)

Seth, Harmony, & Levi,
I wish I could read your world
Like in a children’s story;
A fuzzy bear, whose silence
Whispers your name
Like no human ever could.
A fraying grey haired Moose
You just can’t throw away.
Christmutt sitting at your side
as you pull blankets over
his cold fur
and fall into the night.

Dad is Bueford on those pages
Of animated magic;
That frayed furry Moose,
Hero, friend,
Full bright moon
In a starry night

He’s the Fuzzy Bear
Whose silence wrestles
away fear
Of scary dreams—
Happy sunshine
painted yellow beneath your bed,
like a promise of hope
beneath your tongue…

And Christmutt gazing
with dark black button eyes-
Happy, calm, mischievous
without consequence.
His smile, like a shield,
protects honey milk dreams.

Journey deep
Into that sapphire night,
milky way path of sacred imagination.
I am breathing your sleep
Kissing your cheeks,
Covering you cold skin;
preserving my youth…,

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