Before and After Gravity

We get pulled into places
for reasons
beyond explanation,
detoured from vain vicissitudes;
rhythmic plow
roaring on the inside,
a raging river
of language without words,
infused irrigation;
combines soil, and seed –
sprouting Eden in soul’s core;
resonantly whispering
through radiant waves
luring us toward
the great hunger;
greater than chores,
food, and shelter;
Feeding raw passion,
cementing spirit
to eternity
where creature begins;

Elephant in the heart
marching, breathing,
profoundly not there
Yet, marching and breathing.
Waking us to look away
from insignificance
where aesthetic voice
whispers the more;

Swaying branches
cupped by smooth shadows,
or jagged ones hiding
firm in scraggly bark;
flashing leaves shake
above flickering swells;
meandering see-saw
of restless mirrors
dancing with light
upon eyes;
us, so tiny, enveloped
in three dimensions
sinking, ever sinking
by a brazen sphere;
molten star spraying
misty particles of fire
on the fore of us
and the aft.

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