Eating Poetry

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Nothing fancy here, just thoughts;
like French rolls larger than sky
rising up before a sepia horizon;

Puffy lumps of yeasty dough
burnt hard and heavy with linear view;
Nothing I have baked up myself,
Yet, It makes me hungry when I look

at the way the one sitting in front;
A footheel to the bigger of the two;
Perhaps a muffin, or curved edge of a bagel,
golden brown, or at least, grey and golden

It must happen to others as hunger roars
coupled with long stares at photo prompts,
void of pans on fires, or ready-to-eat-gourmet
within ten steps distance from the last surge

of stinging gleeks beneath tongue’s back;
Deep tired stares feed wanton imaginations
for tasty creations to materialize from the raw
boring granola things lining my pantry’s shelf,

A search for words becomes my only excuse
as to why I won’t feed the growling void inside me;
Final ingredients, last tasty morsel found in a shadow,
becomes dinner with or without the comforts of feeling full.

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