Rembrant’s World

A cool breeze is gently pushing
heat off and away from my cheeks;
This is my morning, at night, on a patio
I am warmer on the north
as wind, brisk, and sporadic
flows from the south;
I’m a half-moon with feeling; illuminate
on one side (warm), shadowy on the other (Cool)
hovering over my mac keyboard
foraging for words; radiant beams
which soon need to rise
on hemisphere’s other side;

Two navy grey fiery planets waiting,
set in a universe of blue merle
orbiting my world;
dark of his day (me gone)
or light of his tarrying (i’m home)
Patient almost always;
Resting on a lamb’s wool pillow
or nervously nibbling cuff buttons,
yesterdays mail, or business cards
left sitting in a tray on my over sized
curved, chocolate, leather ottoman;

The chewing is a catastrophic reaction
of me pausing in my hemisphere
for too long; suspended bright beam
of masters presence, causing
hopeless thoughts of abandon
in Rembrandt’s galaxy;
While he waits for
the faint jingle of keys,
long legged, uniquely characteristic (to him)
thumps of 230lb. best friend
approaching up a stairway,
down a short hall,
finally ending the brief chaos,
with a sudden burst of door’s opening.

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