Solitary Longings

Stare of strangers, squeezing
my blood irrigated skin;
A throbbing of pulse,
sweat beading in palms,
steaming self image, cooled in wind.

My island beneath glass
with waves of soul thrusting
out, over, and around
the transparent shield.
Glancing observations
excited to see out,
yet deeply beneath;

Embrace of thronging vapor
landslides in a vortex
of isolated solitude
sinking heavy, emulsifying
energies only rise,
to cave again;
Solar heart of burning
numbed to a quench;
The dark and light
of Eden’s tapestry
weaved into hesitations;

The reaching rarely touches;
staying under breath, beneath chest;
reticent dives descend
deeper than toes in a cold drink.
Then, of a universal law,
horizontal gravity,
releases Orchid’s bloom,
clenched, and cocooned
in the hardened earth
for the muse of eternal selah!

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