Love’s Rage

I was thinking,
the truest love
rages in the loneliness
of a passing moment

It must rage
entwined in pulling
and pushing
magmaculate dance
of resistance

where nectars sap
overflows upon tongue
koinonia (κοινωνία) binding
the all into one;

rage of wanting
catalyzing giving,
rage of riches suffused,
perpetual raging symbiosis;

The rage within me
the rage within you.


3 responses

    • I am always blessed by new visits. Different eyes climbing right to left, following the lead of words I was so privileged to be able to follow, record, and share. I realize that is a complex thanks, but, I want you to know how grateful I am you are here, rummaging through my expressions, and are able to share some of the joy I experience practicing this craft called poetry.
      Please visit again, I have also enjoyed your work, and look forward to reading more.

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