Spiritual Nature

When nature speaks aloud
through silence
like the wind blowing
through tall trees,
spotted in fields and across the green countryside.
When silence becomes a formidable voice,
thoughts that are universal and eternal
grab hold of my infinitesimal mind
shaking me free from insane chatter –
Those repeat recordings programmed
to know the future, having solved the past;
arrogant axioms of absolute resolve.

Oh that the horizon, grand spectacle of vast space –
Chameleon sky changing
moods with each passing day,
would carry me away so I become lost,
where waterfalls spill
into pools, through fallen logs,
and polished granite boulders.
Creating quiet majestic meditations
awakening my spirit
to the resonating harmony,
numbing silence;
agreeing with all that is truly in me,
that this is who I really am;
When at last my voice
become finally and perfectly still.

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