Monet Moments

I was bathed in Honeysuckle,
showered in Jasmine-

Azure Amaranthine kisses
rained like nectarous frost
upon my tongue

I was behind lens,
waiting for sun
as it slowly imbued
a diaphanous dawn;

Orion-Cygnus’s white starlet
banners, twinkling;
Universe of purple florets
reversed and wildly spread;
Me, gliding over
pastures trodden sky;

Bees early awoke,
pressing keels
sensually lavished
with yellow treasure
There by my knee,
dew soaked,
ravished in clasps
of clovers.

Rembrandt, skipped
like a sprite Gazelle, wide eyed,
frolicked, and leaping.
as golden rays descended
cotton wood’s bark
near the tank where
cows were drinking

Then of a sudden,
Monet’s portal sphere
caught fire;
Caught me clicking
decadent pastels
falling misty
on the bonny bells;

with silent symphony’s
abrupt hush, suspended,
and surreal,
the mirrored pond;
transformed to a periwinkle pool
while cows lapped berry blue.

10 responses

    • Beth, thanks so much for dropping by. I was able to read your story and think it is awesome it has a Christ centered presence that continues to bless. Stories as yours are rare and refreshing to read about. Love to hear the underdog enduring the challenge to find content in a reasonable happiness, with a much greater hope invested in eternity. Blessings.

    • Thanks much Sandy. I am very much a growing and learning photographer. I often post my most recent photo albums on my FB – Not so much the social ones, but the ones in the field that I love the most. I have hidden the most recent bluebonnet albums for fear that photos could be taken and reproduced. I have a lot of work to do to learn how to watermark and reduce resolution, etc. Thanks so much for visiting, for taking time to read, and giving feedback.

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