Osmosis of Light

If I could bend my mind around light
or nearly wrap it with my flesh.
If I could weave my soul on it’s waves
or curl as an infant in the roar
of it’s pure white radiant spray.

If I could suffuse my heart
to detach and scatter
away from the pitch,
where blood flows like rays
through eternal veins.

Though infinity of light’s arc
embrace universe,
like embryo’s spacious fluid;
Exposing Sirius,
Pollux, even Arcturus
with unfathomable luminosity;

It finds me still, with leaf
over genitals, peeling away earth
that sticks tighter than flesh.


13 responses

    • Jennifer,

      As always, and may I elaborate?, a giant thank you for dropping in and allowing the word “great” to be pressed out on your keyboard. Words fail to express thanks enough for such encouraging gestures. My best attempt is to be authentic at all cost, even if it leaves me naked and alone, yet it blesses to know that my authenticity has a genuine quality that has ability to resonate the genuine quality within another. – Thanks for dropping by, liking, and commenting.

      Have a wonderful day

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