“You” Big Bad Wolf

Emotional glances
sometimes lead
to tunnels of naivety.
Stringing out for years
over, around, beneath
the woods of
uncharted destiny.
Where the feared beast
of a heart, and a self,
appear scarier
than she was ever beautiful.


8 responses

    • Eve, a most authentic thank you for sharing that. Perhaps my “tunnels” are much like Robert Bly’s “Black Figure Below The Boat:

      We hear phrases: “He made me do it.”
      “I never wanted that.” The boy’s boat gets
      Pushed out on the sea, and before long the tidal
      Currents guide it from beneath. He goes to sleep.

      He meets a woman, and marries her even though
      He doesn’t want to. He says, “It was the current.”
      But some tiny black figure swims below the boat,
      Pushing it. This man or god works all night.

      Then what? Months go by, years, twenty years.
      A lot of water. The boat hits gravel.
      It’s an island – the kind where giants live.
      “Don’t say you didn’t want it. Just get ready.”

      Robert Bly

      I read this poem about 20 years ago and was taken by the poem beneath the words. There is an interesting, perhaps cynical and dark concept of destiny, of growing up, of becoming accountable and aware. The evolution of coming out of the darkness and into light perhaps.

      I agree with Bly on this idea of darkness beneath humanity, yet, I try to avoid the cynical exploitation of the human heart; regardless of how complex we seem to be in the dark, we are very simple beneath the light.

      I really do love your poetry and encourage you to keep plucking away, there are jewels refining in voice.

      Sorry for the long reply – I just felt like sharing and connecting a couple dots. Besides, I am on Holiday today so I get to babble a bit;)

      Thanks again for dropping in.

  1. You have a wonderful “voice” I enjoyed reading through your posts. Thank you for liking my blog. Emotional glances…I love the way in just those two words you capture the way our soul gazes. Thank you!

    • Christina, I am very honored that you dropped in and took the time to share encouraging words and personal compliments. Thank you and blessings to you for pecking out that “wonderful”, I am blessed that you say so:) How amazing it is that words resonate – This truly is the miracle of poetry, that we translate something into words that says very little, yet carries “something” BIG enough to evoke a shaking in the soul of another.

      If I may tie the concept or poem behind “Emotional glances” to another poem, I would love for you to read my poem “Attractions” I believe it captures, in more detail, that essence of “emotional glance”.

      Thanks for dropping by, reading, and I look forward to reading more of your posts:)

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