Journey into Poetry

I recently wrote an essay that featured on tweetspeak. I would love to share the story and the blog site. I believe in what they are doing as I have greatly benefited in finding and participating on the Every Day Poetry site. It was there I began my latest journey in writing poetry. I was encouraged to start a blog and to take to pen and keys once again to write, and this time, share my poetry with other lovers of the craft.

When Author and Managing Editor Laura Barkat asked me if I would be interested to write a 500 word essay. I jumped at the opportunity, with a little nudge of encouragement:)

“The rare moments I was able to engage my imagination and creativity, time seemed to suspend. Though my parents argued ritually, I found escape and joy through the creative bond I had with my mother and the artistic imagination she was able to foster in me.”

Photo by Fiddle Oak. Creative Commons, via Flickr.

4 responses

  1. I’m so glad you took to blogging…excellent work, I’m really enjoying your diverse pieces 🙂
    heading over to the link now,

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