Suburban Burial

Fall fell to ground in one leaf.
Spring and Summer suspended,
and the air with hands lifted,
surfed the golden chute
to graveyard of curb and street.

Photo by MeckiMac. Creative Commons, via Flickr

8 responses

    • I thought of that word “Graveyard’ and originally it was Catacombs for the alliteration effect. Yet, the analyst in me started dissecting the word and I said to myself Catacombs are beneath the ground, and this leaf is street bound, its not going to fall in a ditch or drain, at least not in this poem. I am sure I could have found a gentler word or last sentence combination that could have landed it to a more purposeful end, but then again, How many of us leafs, just fall to the street without a legacy or worse, leaving shame behind. Perhaps it is a city, and living in tight quarters never touching the natural affections within ourselves…Never hearing the voice of God calling us to give forward for the benefit of others. To lay down our lives so others will can know Him…

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