Love After Obscurity

Obscure fleshy faces
blurred in a motion of hurry,
stand unrecognizable
in crowds, surreally tired;

Dull motions
translucent waltz
reflective in ebony pools;
swelling, glossy and glazed;

speckled movement;
elephant migrations,
suspend in hesitations
a dream, a muse,
and I am just another tired elephant

The vague mumblings;
muffled echoes: “yiT..YAaw,
SIThh..  …fa,  maw,     YAw…
stand, sink, fade, taper…
then, stop
with bracing thumps
as final door closes behind

Then, there is you,
precious star;
first fiery blossom,
naked, virgin, uninhibited
display of meadows splendor,
filling my eyes
with meaning and clarity.


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