Curse or Gift

If it never was a gift,
the words upon the page,
if my playground was never built
with upper and lower
case blocks stacked
black against the RGB white,

I heard it is a curse —
over indulgent right brain
re-writing the past
re-creates worlds
as one would have it,

The grander success
could have crossed my path
had I used it less
and worked the left;
math master of hope,
builds logic falling
in deductive lines,

I am blessed
beyond all descriptions
for giant feelings
not yet suited to words –
with vague glimpses
of Christ’s world;
personal truths
peaceful inside.

I feel love for everyone –
billowing as clouds
on hot spring afternoons;
bursting torrential rain
soaking landscapes
of emotions and thought;
gives way to spring
blossoms, a new birth
where everything intellectual
converts back to dreams;
and this gift
flows forever
cutting valleys
like streams.


7 responses

      • 🙂 putting up a post later today–one of the few I have of my Grandmothers. When I found those poems and saw that she and I basically wanted to write on the same themes in the same way I decided it was something that comes in the blood. Liked this whole poem. Keep writing.:) -Jennifer

    • Mark, would love to hear more about why you chose to say “expansive”. I have been awaking to the ideal observance that really good, possibly great poetry has patches of small condensed ideas, visuals, settings, voicings, perspectives, historys, etc. vignetted into the larger scheme of the poem.

      not saying that all great poetry has this, but it is an observation I am becoming aware of, and perhaps will begin playing with. The challenge will be in the vignetting.

      Knowing that I can be wordy, I even explain the same things to my kids in 4-5 different ways/analogies, etc. lol! So this is what I would love to hear you address. You would never offend me by giving me personal critique.

      I had this thought: What if I was stuck on an Island without anyone to share poetry with. Without anything, but sand to write it on – Would I still pursue poetry. My answer to myself was, of course I would, I would think it, I would hone my thoughts to think the way I write, just as I have been doing not being on that island — I think it, therefore I write it, therefore I share it. The element of my thinking it, keeps it mine, the element of my sharing it makes it others to critiqued, My heart is a ready writer:)

      Thank you so much for coming to this blog reading my work, and sharing you thoughts in detail. I truly am warmed by the comments.

    • Thanks so much for visiting and reading. I am warmed that you found beauty in the assembling of the words and thoughts. I enjoyed reading your post about the sand between the toes, even more so, since I was raised on the West Coast of So Cal.

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