Lies of the Scorned

The thick moments
just before evaporation
become escapes.
bleeding into ears
of everyone’s listening,

gnawing upon the good
of past intimacies
with twists of perspective;
Absent eyes never seeing,
absent ears, void of fact,
sympathized for lacks of justice;
You paint new images,
of you, in their eyes;

The black you made,
then feared,
eases away with sway
while your confidence
evades despairs
for this reoccurring event.
Until you forge illusions,
stealing the light of others
to save you from the pitch
prison, brimming,
with fabricated skeletons,
even your own.

7 responses

    • Oohh, your so kind:) I really don’t do dark, , , well, not often anyway. I was sitting here on my patio thinking of how damaging the malicious revenge of a scorned person can be. Most of us have been lied about. The malicious intent is as bad a feeling as having your car stolen or equal to.

    • Such a welcome compliment– travels far with me. Thanks with much gratitude. I really enjoyed your Agent features. I have yet to write fiction full circle, but the information on your blog is valuable for me to chew on for the big picture.

      Please return, I hope I can duplicate your experience.

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