Hanging Impromptu

The moon, near full, rose from the eastern horizon.
The sun set; transitioning
beams of it’s remnant light
upon me by way of lunar lamp
which now dangles above
in the spacious dark of yester-day’s sky.
It’s the weekend’s Saturday night,
I am free for an evening and a day
it’s enough to keep me creatively at play,
outside on my patio, at my keyboard,
gratefully reflecting in mimicking fashion.

8 responses

    • Debra, I am truly honored that you dropped by. I love that whole suggestive style of writing, it does let play perpetuate to being forever playful…

      I am reading the book Imagine by Jonah Lehrer. I find it to be a fascinating read. I love the part about how a warm shower can create inspirational moments because the mind is free relishing in the comforts the warm water provides. Perhaps an artist date, a walk and even, perhaps, a moon to a smaller degree.

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