The Bruising of a Heart

It’s said the good ones are taken
they say, what’s left is left for reason.
Like fruits fallen to ground
bruising makes them undesirable
for tables, picnics
or even jelly preserves.

With dirt in eyes,
the color of hope fades
to shades of umber and sienna.
Sun toughens skins,
while birds eat insects
feasting upon aging nectar.

Wasn’t long ago, brilliance
glistened at tree’s top, robust,
full of fragrance, confident,
pickers would never resist
the offering amongst all others.

Now, amongst dry mulch
the melt of mold’s croon
sinks and tilts
through night’s, and noon’s;

Glossy globe
once rustled by leaves,
in the sway
of wind and branches,
vanishes in lapses
in a vague place alone;
where a hardened seed
encasing hope,
may sprout
through the flesh
of a bruised heart.

Note: I am always grateful to LL Barkat @ Seedlings in Stone for allowing me to share on her blog site “On and around Mondays”

9 responses

  1. Those words, “may burst in through a hardened heart,” comprise great imagery! Beautifully written. Thanks for sharing your gift!

  2. Isn’t it interesting that fruit, once bruised, will not recover, but the human heart can. There’s always some remnant, but we can recover. The lessons learned for us are great. How did it feel to be bruised? Do I want others to feel the same? No? Then what can I do to prevent myself from bruising other’s hearts? Overcome evil with good. I came over from LL Barkat’s site. Blessings.

    • Thanks for coming by reading and leaving comments Kim.

      So true that our God is one of second, third, etc. chances. An enlightened heart is most definitely the best heart of all.

      The poem is one of a contemplation of singleness simmering with hopes of being paired with blessed intimate companionship. I often feel, I am my own biggest obstacle:)

      I felt the poem deals with the disparity and humaness of many a single soul up in age. Seems that single women relate more to this than men, seeming to be the stronger romantics of the genders, but perhaps it is only that they are more vocal about it. Not in my case lol! Since I authored these emotions analogically.

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