An Amazing Photo Shoot With Amy Grant

I recently attended a Christian music festival that featured Amy Grant and Jars of Clay as the headliner acts. Amy Grant’s is one of my all-time favorite female gospel artists, and Jars of Clay are a great group of unique musician/artists that stand out amongst the often unoriginal mixes, compositions, and melodies of the Christian Rock genre. This would be my first time seeing them play live.

I wasn’t so excited to get out into the 102 degree heat so I waited till late afternoon. Even in the late afternoon, it was so hot my phone kept shutting down anytime I tried using it.

(You may click on any one of the photographs to get the grander view)

I took my 35DSLR Canon 40D with a 28mm-135mm Ultrasonic f/3.5-5.6 maximum aperture zoom lens to shoot the event. I had to wait for the feature shows to get up before I could experiment shooting the stage lit performance from a 30 yard distance as I didn’t have a VIP pass and had to stay behind a fenced area. I knew I would be challenged to get enough light to the sensors at a quick enough shutter speed. I used the spot meter setting to pinpoint my exposures on the focal point. It worked out rather well, but I will let you decide. My camera was set at 1600 ISO, shutter at 125, and the f-stop was mostly set at 4.5.

While I waited for the feature shows, I took a stroll and shot all the unique umbrellas everyone was using to keep direct sunlight out.

Amy Grant finally took the stage at dusk. I was able to capture some great shots. Amy looked toward the camera several times, even showing her bright ivory’s on occasion- Perhaps there was a hummingbird flying over my head and I wasn’t aware. Regardless, I was able to capture her kind smiles.

Over half-way through the show, some angel of a gal interrupted me while I was shooting saying, “you really need to get up close with that camera of yours” then proceeded to hand me a VIP pass. I was able to shoot the rest of the show from 10 ft. out of front stage. After the show, I went to thank the girl who gave me the pass – She was no where to be found.

Amy Grant was born on November 25, 1960. She doesn’t look a day over 30. She has been performing since the late 70’s. She was branded The Queen of Gospel Pop and has sold more units than any other Christian Artist to date. Amy has 18 studio albums of which four are Christmas Albums. I understand she will be back in the studio working on another album soon. She has written several books, has been nominated for many Grammy Awards winning several. She is the recipient of countless Dove Awards and Humanitarian Awards. Amy is now married to country western singer, songwriter, and strings musician Vince Gil. My personal take on her was she was very down to earth, fun, humble, refreshing, and youthfully animated — Her stage presence was one of a friend as much as a performer. I hope you enjoy these pics half as much as I did taking them.

Amy Grant
Reverent passions reciprocate the depths
reveals peace on her countenance
Singing praises to YAWH!!

This Photo features Jenny Gill (Vince Gill’s Daughter) Singing a Solo with Amy standing close and out of the spot light. Jenny is another amazing Talent!

This one is my second favorite of the bunch.

Another of Jenny Gill singing back up for Amy

Amy was so kind to smile and allow me to get so many great pics! Me getting that VIP pass, what a blessing…Next time I will will bring my harmonica case, hmmm, well, it’s good to dream anyway, it keeps us young and kicking!!

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16 responses

    • I hope so, I was so grateful to have been blessed like that. I had a pass to go meet Amy Grant and I chickened out. lol! I didn’t want to appear to be one of those idolizing fans. My idea of meeting her would be an invite to sit on on a slow gospel blues – me on harmonica:)

    • Wow Debra! lol! I am always so honored by your compliments. I am not sure what all that was about with the pass, but it sure made for a fun evening. I just wish I knew why the pass was given to me. There was another photographer next to me and other folks around me. I was just blessed.

      Thanks as always for coming by and reading, I am so appreciative of you being in this community.

    • Concert was a lot of fun SC! I really went for the shoot and walked away with much more.
      Thanks for dropping by and checking out the blog — usually more poetry going on here, but when my inner voice get’s critical, photography becomes an easier vehicle for expression.
      Have a great rest of the week and weekend!

  1. The photos are wonderful Reno! You asked the question, “Why did you get the perfect spot to take these photos?” I can answer that with a question– How many people there could produce the beautiful Haiku that you have? AHhh… He will use your talents Reno… The photos capture Amy’s beauty and spirit as the Haiku completes the “Big Picture” that is–“Reverent passions reciprocate the depths reveals peace on her countenance Singing praises to YAWH!!” –This defines beauty in a way that our world now, present day, find hard to see… You have the gifts of eye and words Reno! Continue to share them as only you can do,the gift of being an Artist–that you were given.-MJ Graham

    • Joy, thanks for coming into my blog world.

      Yes, I thought about that. The haiku is waiting to be placed into the photograph in the area with all the white steam. :)
      Perhaps I will do the edits soon and send it over to the Amy Grant fan page as I did the rest of the pics.
      Thank you for all your encouraging and wonderful compliments.

  2. Great photos! I had the privilege of seeing Amy in concert at the NY State Fair several years ago. It was a wonderful experience. I’ve enjoyed looking around here. I’ll be back :)

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