Secret Place

Photography by Reno K Lawrence

Secret Place

You poured out your heart,
without fears
as if cool rain, giving
in dusty heat.
I wade deep
in those pools
spilling in the harmonious
babble bubbling;
mirror of your soul;
shades of paradise,
the lotus cupped in His hands,
between us –
white call to greater abandon
where we
take on new meaning;
Tears of joy welling
from the dark tempest
in my core;
souls undressed
as if a sun
cut through clouds;
your giving rain,
the inevitable tears,
us wading there,
in that secret place.


29 responses

    • Yes, I was inspired by the 108 degree temps we have seen in Dallas, the desire for rain, and what love and friends can do with greatly shared empathy and perhaps the beginnings of a sacred love….

      Thanks so much for visiting, reading, commenting!!

    • Oh, great question Marina. I recently met a very special soul, well, we have not met, yet much communication, a blending of souls with great transparency, sharing faith and prayers in the wonderful God of grace. She shared a vision she had of masculine cupped hands holding a lotus which I was able to incorporate into the poem. Yet, the poem began in my office with this question; How is it we can give liberally without limitations and never feel what we are given is being taken? I was thinking about the paradox of Love and what it means. How do we give to another as if naked without holding anything back. We fear that we will be hurt, that we will be vulnerable and taken advantage of… Yet when two put God the living God in the middle and give to Him – there isnt anything that can be given that could ever be taken away. This is the way Christ loves. This is His model of how we should love. This is the way, I have been loved by my special friend…The Lotus is our creator between us, when we are not our own, we meet somewhere in the middle, where there is much light, in that secret place…

      Thank you always for visiting, reading, commenting and gracing this page with your genuine spirit.

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