When Sugar Momma Talks – Spoken Word/Visual

This has been a long time coming. Special thanks to Ryan Sprinkle who gave me free studio time to record 3 of my poems while we decided together on sound effects. Ryan is a true sound engineer and amazing guitar technician. I am blessed to have friends like him. After listening to the spoken tracks with sound effects, I became inspired to add visual effects. Although this isn’t true to the tradition of written poetry alone, it is true to the creative and expressive spirit which poetry inspires me to explore. I hope you enjoy…


5 responses

  1. Reno, This is great. Came back this morning to hear it again. Big smile on my face. It is perfect. The visuals work so well–glad you made the effort. Makes me want to record.

    • So good to see you visit here. Thanks for the descriptive comments and go get out and record. It is a lot of fun to play with sounds to accent the words. I have learned some poems are better with sound and some better left alone.

      Thanks Jen

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