The Oracle: (know thyself well)i

Know Thyself copy

The Oracle: (Know thyself well)

Lonely is alone

As a thought unshared,

expressions unseen,

desirous validations implode,

void of human mirrors,

or a soul-to-soul touch,

or any warmth with consonance.

There is an enormous pit of pain

without salve –

grandiose emptiness full of panic and fear

and the friend left behind,

in trade for those who never stay.

Tomorrow is a day of dying

and all that never gets done,

rests complacent resuscitating misery

one more day, one more week, tear upon tear.

The suffering martyr, forsaken,

the stillness of suffering,

lingers in hope forgotten–

caresses the existential hole

Exaggerated seasons,

moments in a lifetime,

vastly stretch, what seems forever,

render emotions, soot and tarred,

provoking a will to fight,

And when we finally surrender,

logos pours in like ceremonial rain –

gracious suffering, gracious pain,

gracious peace,

welcomed and embraced.


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