Trend Setter

The trending status quo,
the mass of apathy,
the rebel sleeps beneath the skin,
for uniqueness feared–

their genius bound in Faberge.

Waters clear and still, slapped
with a flat palm;

watching masses
dither in the ripple,
liquid bands rolling outward,

The artist is inward,
slapping with a flat palm,
all else flows outward.


The Art of interruption

Urgency builds
waiting in the womb,
first gasping breath
demonstrates the power
of capturing immediate responses;

The very first fix
gets our lungs purged,
we get a bathing, then
immediately following,
soothing comforts
of a breast full of milk.

As with everything in life,
a certain way that works,
does so for a short season —
Our strategies sophisticate;
Baby once again takes the floor
uttering first angelic syllable;

Repetitions of “da, da, dad..,
or ma, ma mm, with cute gestures
drawing celebrated smiles
coupled with chattering
adults answering back
“woo woo’s, lookitdababyyy”–
Baby feels that surge
of power once again.

This continues with the tugging
of clothes, raspberries,
silly dances,
being a good or bad girl or boy,
and the list goes on.
All in the name
of being a center for attention.

We learn to be masters
taking our skills with us
into a world of sage communicators;
We lay camouflaged and stealthy
ready to demonstrate our wits.

Leveraging the wit is found
to be most effective
while speaker speaks
and we yield to the listening
yet, talk thinking is
peripheral behind the white dazzle,
and sub-rosa flirt of cinched lips —
This poise is inadvertently perfected
through years of towel drying
and primping before a mirror.

The yielded silence is a barter,
cloaked behind smiles
and utterings of “uh huh”, or “ya don’t say”

Disciplines of listening gives way
to weakly muttered syllables;
(as if fore-shocks were acceptable
and eruptions could be contained.)

Undefined grunts and blurbs
sporadic and breathy fill fractional
spaces between speaker’s words.

frozen thoughts begin thawing
under warm deceptive expressions
of interest while words silently
assemble, bulging into sentences;

The words line up like race cars
waiting for the vocal pause
of a checkered flag.

Nods pose for interest
as glyphs, with or without serifs,
fill and clog the ears prior to
spilling out; slinking and sliding
into the crease of smile’s edge.
This is where the chewing starts;
rabbity, and clandestine,
as if particles of food
were loosened
between listeners teeth

Subtle jawing motions are peripheral
while one repeats
opening lines
silently beneath breaths,
the head nodding continuous;
Is the meter
of a ticking countdown.

Opportune moments,
where words convert
to first audible burst
is like a swift changing
of lanes in the thick stress
of rush hour traffic-–

new voice wedges hard
and is heard
taking the old speakers floor;

(The power once again surges!)

while old speaker’s voice sputters,
fades, halting in a syrup of discontent.

The stealing of the floor is complete.
The involuntary listener soon
forgives offense
While chewing
on new strategy
demonstrating the insanity
for an art of interruption.

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Nasher Sculture Center Poetry Lab & Photo Shoot.

On Sunday, I had the privilege of participating in a poetry Lab at The Nasher Sculpture Center In The Downtown Dallas Arts District. The Nasher is one of the cool places in Dallas to visit on a weekend, or once a month on a Friday night when they have concerts in the garden. The poetry lab hosted by accredited Poets Lauren Berry and Glenn Shaheen began with the poets each reading a few of their poems. For me, a poem takes on the full breadth of its life when read by its author; the personal tones, voice dynamics, and controlled meter complete the poetry receiving experience. After the poetry readings, the lab organizer lead us to different exhibits in the museum, and in the museum garden where Lauren and Glenn read poems they wrote prompted by particular art pieces which inspired them. After the last prompt and reading, the lab opened up for us to share thoughts on how the unique art pieces influenced our thinking and our writing. Some of us read what we wrote, while others asked questions directed to the poets about their writing process.

Lauren and Glenn are delightful people to meet and it was a real treat to spend time with them in the lab. Their poetry was amazing. I purchased Laurens Award winning book The Lifting Dress, and Glenn’s award-winning book Predatory. I hope to see them reading their poetry again soon.

When the lab was over, I spent a couple of hours of free time participating in another lab of one of my other favorite past times. Photographing in the garden was my way of completing a perfect day. The ambient light in the garden was friendly, even though full sunshine was beating on the streets just outside the garden walls. The trees and landscape are arranged in such a way to allow the light of day to compliment the sculptures.

The slide show is the result of my shooting fun. See if you can see me in one of the pics. Notice the sculture of the deer carcass has scrimshaw on it’s exposed bones. I hope you enjoy as much as I did photographing. Feel free to use a pic for a prompt, write a poem and link back to this blog. The slide show lasts about 4.5 minutes. Cheers!

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