“You” Big Bad Wolf

Emotional glances
sometimes lead
to tunnels of naivety.
Stringing out for years
over, around, beneath
the woods of
uncharted destiny.
Where the feared beast
of a heart, and a self,
appear scarier
than she was ever beautiful.




If only we were back there
making better of the rare moments
where abundant love may have softened
the beginning of calluses,
keeping us children longer
than the short span
of innocence we all shared

And now, some of us are gone
and the rest of us so far away;

The warm opportunities we had
to bond, be it ever so awkward
among halves, has mostly slipped past.

I want to believe
everyone has
a loving chance,
yet, with the past,
so far behind,
it is easier to believe
we all had a destiny.